Epic Fails I have known. Edit

I'm going to be totally honest about his section. Why not, if something is a fail it deserves a fail stamp! Anyways, on to the fails...

Totally Jarly Edit

Totally Jarly is a bunch of youtube videos that really fail. Jarly is derived from Charlie and Jordan. That part isn't so fail, but the rest is. Just search them on youtube or google them, and you'll soon learn what it means to fail truly. They just cut it all up and added a bunch of effects without any particular reason. In episode 1, when they start to dance, they randomly speed it up and rotate it 360° so you can't see anything. Which was probably not the objective of the video. And I think it is perfectly obvious that the comments were mostly written by friends and family, except forMyBloodIsntRed's comments (thats me) who asked them to make their videos more legible. Guess how they responded. They placed a bunch of crap about me being a pervert on my profile, which makes no sense due to no connection between perverts and people asking them to make their videos more legible. In short, what they are saying is; "Anyone who doesn't like our videos is a pervert and we will call the police on them ETC". That reminds me of the nazis. "Anyone who doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes isn't perfect. And I don't have blond hair and blue eyes but what the heck, I'll just go torch Jewish people.".

Tristan + Isobel... Edit

Yeah, yeah, I know, don't make fun of people if they're in love, I know that myself, :D. But this one still makes me smile. It's not completely fail, though. So, once upon a time, when my class went on a school trip, there was, quite obviously, a disco. And then there was Tristan and Isobel, who were in love. Unfortunately, Tristan is a bit, well, funny, if you know what I mean. He didn't know how to deal with this and did whatever she wanted but rarely went near her. He babbled illegibly all through the night until we went back to our rooms. For some reason, he went into Isobel's room and everybody crowded the doorway trying to find out what the hell was going on. Then came (insert epic music here) the teacher. She asked us what was going on and why Tristan was in Isobel's room. Tristan, being a bit, uh, funny, stated the obvious about them in love and that. He just blurted it out, like that. And then the teacher gave him some advice! What the hell, I say. Not really a fail, though.

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