work, work, work, that's all kids are good for at H.I.S

Palm Bay (England)

Classic english school. Unfortunately, strictly no swearing. If you did, or even made a toilet humour joke, the pupils said "Ooh, I'm telling on you," as if they had extreme diarrehea (or however you spell it) and then ran to the teacher, leaving you f***ed and not knowing what to do. Idiots. At least they were English. School uniforms also come to mind. Green, with a boat, and naturally the school's f***ing name on it as well. Damn those b*****ds.

H.I.S/Heidelberg international school (Germany)

I'm speechless. This place was total bulls*** turned upside-down and mixed with cheese and glue. Unless you like that of course. Then it's your face. But then again, the food tasted like bulls*** turned upside-down and mixed with cheese and glue. And plastic. They didn't have any lemons or milk! Imagine that! That's why I always take packed lunch. And they didn't even teach history or geography! Well, not that I'd want them to. But it is a standard. Oh well.

E.S.K/European School Karlsruhe (Germany, Current)

Lots of cool people here. Lots of very different people here; emmagirls, tomboys, emos, nerds, etc. And a lot of stuff to do during free time if you are in the highschool section of it. Like I said, awesome place to socialize if you like that sort of thing. But, if you don't well, then, nobody will really mind. Just watch out for my brother. Packed lunch as well, if you're me. Long queues, and from what I heard, the food is total s***. Unless you like chili con carne.

Elections. Very interesting to some, complete bulls*** to others. And if you like a very obvious choice of representative then go to this school. Complete cheating allowed. A**holes. Oh well, never mind. Unfortunately, the main language is german, but there are different sections separated by each language, so I guess it doesn't really matter. So, drop by sometime!

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