• TheLifeOfJosh

    Xbox threefixty

    November 4, 2009 by TheLifeOfJosh

    My fixed xbox 360 came back today. Internally fixed, but with all of the previous data. An email i received yesterday said that they had just sent it-so it arrived next day! Brilliant :D!

    Anyways, thats about it, nothing much else happened so, uh...THE END.

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  • TheLifeOfJosh


    October 23, 2009 by TheLifeOfJosh

    Hell yeah! I have re-assigned my bodyguards Nick and Ollie, and a new spy, Logan. Exactly what I need to take complete control and crush people! (Un)fortunately I will be leaving for England in December. Happy holidays, suckers!

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  • TheLifeOfJosh

    I have finally grasped what it means to have a wikia of your very own. Unlike starring in a wikia (PeopleoPedia), it has a feeling of freedom since I can do whatever I want with my own. And mine can be about anything, feature anything, discuss anything, promote anything etc. I bet if a lot of people knew they could create their own, they'd be dying for it. I guess i'm just lucky to know. And to have such great programs.


    --Joshua R.

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